ITF HQ Europe is a initiative to promote ITF HQ Korea in Europe. ITF HQ Europe is a non for profit initiative and stimulate coorperation between brothers and sisters in Taekwon-Do in a non registered legal way. There can be no claims, rights or any legal being adressed to ITF HQ Europe in any way.

ITF HQ Korea in a short movie for all to enjoy. More and more will be implemented. Be patient, work hard and continue on the foundation of sweat, tears and blood of our hard working team.

PROJECT LIFE SKILLS IN SOUTH KOREALast week we witnessed the start of the Amerikick program in Sejong City of South Korea. We agreed in working together in bringing Martial Arts and English language education to young Koreans.More information see www.amerikick1.kr or the world wide link at www.tigers-lse.nlThis short movie is made by Jarne van Schaik and featuring Masters Zibby Kruk, Master Natasa Manavaki, Sabum Alexandra Kan and visiting instructor Harry van Schaik A.I.M. i.oLife Skills Education South Korea ProjectHarry van Schaik A.I.M. i.o

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All relevant information about the Homeland ITF HQ Korea can be found at


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